4E4th - Forth For Education

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4E4th-IDE - the Integrated Development Environment for your MSP430 LaunchPad ...

The 4E4th-IDE for Windows is a totally Integrated Development Environment for MSP430 LaunchPad Forth for Education - 4E4th.
The 4E4th-IDE includes the 4E4th Hex Code, TI's LaunchPad_Driver.exe, MSP430Flasher.exe and TI's DLL's to establish 4E4th
on the MSP430 LaunchPad, and a special Terminal emulation to correspond with 4E4th via a PC com port or virtual USB com port.

An Editor function is integrated to allow immediate incremental programming for one or more projects with one or more LaunchPads. First Steps with 4E4th contain a brief description how to start programming from scratch, right out of the box.
With our twelve step program you get 4E4th onto the LaunchPad really easy - there is a short form on the first page, followed by a pictured review. 4E4th-IDE-Instructions is a documentation about the 4E4th-IDE features and incremental programming and testing.

A third documentation will follow:
A tutorial to show how easy and fast programming can be.

Salisbury, January 10, 2013

Dirk Bruehl